Healthcare Foundation

Bowdle Healthcare Foundation

The Bowdle Healthcare Foundation was founded in 2004 to provide financial support to the Bowdle Healthcare Center.


The Bowdle Healthcare Foundation is committed to supporting the Bowdle Healthcare in their upcoming new Clinic. The Foundation will match up to $200,000 in donations for this project. 

If you would like to donate, you can contact any of the foundation members or stop in at the business office and talk to Michelle Oxner. You can also mail your donation to Bowdle Healthcare Foundation PO Box 556 Bowdle, SD 57428 Attn: Michelle Oxner.

Thank you for you continued support!


Past Donations Include:

CT/ER Remodel  $  86,000.00
Computerized Radiography  $  20,000.00
New Flooring in Nursing Home Lobby  $  10,333.00
New Flooring in Hospital Hallway/Break room  $    2,788.00
New Flooring in Hospital Lobby  $  15,000.00
Air Conditioning System at Nursing Home  $    4,593.00
O2 Saturation Machine  $      523.00
Vital Signs Monitor  $    3,394.00
Borada Chair  $    3,424.00
Hydraulic Lift Cot  $    4,825.00
Ambulance Donation  $  10,000.00
Blood Bank Refrigerator  $    3,271.47
X-Ray Machine  $  79,980.00
Whirlpool Tub  $  17,550.37
Ambulance Equipment  $      299.35
Nursing Home Beds  $    3,069.00
Digital Camera  $      296.76
Total Donations  $265,346.95





Foundation Members:

Evan Haar

Joel Heilman

Scott Daede

Charles Simon

Tim Thomas

Amy Kappenman

Michelle Oxner - Secretary

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